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Dear Traderrrrrr:

Think carefully about this question for a moment. Could there possibly be any more important question to a commodity trader, than this one? Give serious thought to your answer, because knowing this one concept is the final key to your understanding of how a market actually works . . . internally. If you haven't the slightest clue what happens to create important turning points in all markets, let me offer a hint: The proper application of scientific and mathematical principles will enable you to define the true forces at work within any currency market. Remember - - the only difference between you and the trader who multiplies their account every month, is that the winning trader happens to know more about the market than you do. Fortunately, that can be changed . . . and you can start to acquire the knowledge of a floor trader, without moving the family to Chicago!

Please keep in mind, this is not an approach for the beginner. It does require spending 45 minutes every night to follow 5 markets and to forecast these signals in advance. One or two calls to your broker, on the day of the possible trade, are necessary.

*** Answer to the question in this letter
In general sense, here are the highlights of this approach. I can give you more details by phone, and additional promotional materials if you wish.

1. The cost
I have priced this so reasonable, in order to make it difficult for any serious trader to doubt its value. Since your high school son or daughter could afford it, someone who has a thousand dollars (or more) at risk every day in the market, can easily handle the fee.

2. Forecasts turning points within about $300 in most currency markets
This simple mathematical formula will forecast the exact day or time and price to expect a market reversal. As you can see by the charts enclosed, it is uncanny in its accuracy. This works consistently because of mathematical laws using Newton's 3rd Law of Motion. I have also found many signals using this formula on charts 40 years old. Scientific laws don't change.

3. The same formula works in every currency and futures market
The system works using the exact same logic and formula, in the Euro FX as it works in the S&P 500. In my opinion, the only way a system can be called a true system, is if it works equally as well (and can be used) in every currency market and any futures market.

4. Based on what I call "The Perfect Order of the Universe"
I find that nature is very consistent. It seems to work the same way every time; from the change of seasons, to the tides, to the perfect order of planetary movement. It is all consistent behavior. W. D. Gann had his theories about this.

Well if it's so good, Why are you selling it?"

I will send you signals that use the same mathematical formula that was used on every one of the signals you see on the charts. You have my guarantee to use the exact logic (formula) behind every one of these signals. I won't, though, give away all my secrets. Repeat customers are what every company in America is built around! I know this is Freshman Business 101 to you, but if I can show you an approach that will improve your trading, I have a good chance to work with you for ten years, maybe even longer. Also, because I have large expansion plans for my company, the best way I could ever develop a long-term customer, is to teach you what I have found to be the only way to consistently find winning trades.

*** What you will be receiving, is emails sent when order is placed where time and price align together on the same day. This event, combined with perfect market reaction, creates a signal that starts a new trend . . . Immediately.

I assure you on one important point: in the near future I will not be selling the entire logic to this system. I may teach only the basic formula. For now, it is to my advantage to reveal all the logic in order for you to have confidence in the system.

I have been in this industry for 25 years. After talking with hundreds of traders, I know of only 3 systems out of maybe 80, that actually give a trader consistent results. Look at the charts of these recent winners, compare them to what you're doing now, and then call me at 1-866-866-2474 or e-mail me at pwett@currencytrading4profit.com to talk further.

Frankly, my estimates are that it costs even a small trader $100 every day, not to know the exact mathematical nature of the market...
It may be costing you even more.

Paul C. Wett
McHenry, Illinois

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